Public Speaking & Communication Skills
ACCESS FROM: DEC. 6th, 2021 - MAR. 14TH, 2022 
Public Speaking & Communication Skills
ACCESS FROM: DEC. 6th, 2021 - MAR. 14th, 2022
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Live Classes held online on Zoom. Speak, Practice and Earn!  Every Thursday from 7:15 pm-9:15pm EST
Done For You Services
What makes Atlanta Public Speaking so unique is the amount of done-for-you services that we offer.
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Don't worry in case you have to miss a few live classes, we got the same content-rich lessons recorded in our Online University.
Event Overview
Event Overview
Heart Pounding, cold sweat, hands shaking, fumbling over words, forgetting what you were going to say, despite practicing and preparing; "I do not want to give this presentation!" 

Or maybe your confidence is on point, but you're wondering "How in the heck are speakers getting paid, since everything is pretty much shut down?" Hi my name is Ariel Ghinga, many people call me the "Public Speaking Doctor". I've created more profitable online speakers during this pandemic than anyone I know. 

From: Ariel Ghinga
From: Ariel Ghinga
This unique Bootcamp Experience is designed to help you develop your communication skills and teach you to master the art of public speaking and presentations, and will be anchored on three major steps:

1) Give you the training and tools you need to up your Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

2) Upgrading your Image and Improving your Audience Appeal

3) Help Getting you Paid

Have you ever wanted to own your own business?...
Host your own online workshops? Maybe even be a speaker at a virtual summit?
Have you ever wanted to write your own book? Create your own digital product?
Did Covid shut down your plans?
This is not the first time you've looked for a proven way to make money, is it?
"If you want to sell high ticket, if you want to make more money speaking, Ariel knows how to make that happen in huge ways"
-Jason Oman
#1 Best Selling Author
Here Are Testimonials From People Just Like You Who Got Great Results With Our Training

This part of the program is designed to help you learn and practice new skills that will make you come across to your audience in a clear, concise and articulate manner.
During this program, participants will get a chance to practice different types of presentations whenever they attend a live class and I’ll be critiquing each presentation until perfection is achieved.
 By the end of step one, participants would have developed competencies in areas such as:

* Presentation Structure

* Master Team Meetings

* Learn How to Engage The Audience

* Understanding Presence & Dynamic Delivery

* Storytelling Skills

* Speak to Persuade - You'll Master Selling From Stage 

* Razor Sharp Interviewing Skills

* Captivating Elevator Pitch 

* Expand Your Vocabulary & Become More Articulate

* Getting Good at "Podcast Like" Impromtu
Mastering Public Speaking & Communication is The #1 Secret of The Rich
Here's a Testimonial from a John Maxwell Graduate who decided to invest in our training right after.
Sometimes, the bigger platform speakers enroll too many people in their certification programs.
It's easy to get lost in the numbers with that kind of structure.
(But I do love John Maxwell!)
In Fact, we guarantee that you'll have a speaking role every time you show up to one of the live classes
STEP 2: Upgrading Your Image

In This Stage, You'll Have My "Team of Experts" Helping You

After you’ve acquired the right presentation and speaking skills; it’s time to perform a complete turnaround on your image and improve your audience appeal so you can stand confidently behind your webcam and deliver profound speeches, workshops and seminars

  • Done for You Professional Website - Own a website that will help you get the job done, one with designs and features that will help you succeed as a virtual expert speaker. 
  •  Demo Video - What better way to market your new skill set than with a dazzling, well-crafted demo video that presents you in the best possible light and earns you a place in the ranks of expert public speakers and presenters.
  •  Sales Page With the Copywriting - We will create a stunning and persuasive sales page for you with compelling copywriting designed to promote your new image and brand across several digital platforms.
  •  10 Module Online Course - Using your knowledge, your new training and my expertise, we’ll put together a detailed course that’ll impact your clients in ways you never imagined. With this course, you’ll be able to help people with your expert knowledge even when you’re not there and you’ll also learn how to put together these types of online courses in the process to help you in the future.

  •  10 Chapter Book - What could be better for a public speaker than the additional title of author? Yes, we will help you achieve that. We will help you transform your 10 module online course into a 10 chapter book that will establish you as an expert in your field and you won't need to write a single word to do it.

Check Out Some Demo Videos We Did For Our Clients

"Ariel's strategies, teachings, and tactics on how to throw seminars, things like Meet to fill the room has totally changed my business. Yesterday, I was able to throw my own Meet Up in New York. Filled up the room and I was able to close two high ticket clients! Thank you so much Ariel. If it wasn't for your push, I wouldn't be here. If you're thinking about using Ariel's services..I would highly, highly recommend it"
-Sam Rivera
Founder, Rebirth Capitol Solutions

In the Monetization Phase, you'll implement the following:

  •  10 Targeted FREE Traffic Funnels - I’ll help you set up 10 Targeted Traffic Funnels that you can use to promote your public speaking gigs and land new speaking sessions.
  •  Speak at Virtual Conferences – I’ll also show you how to speak at virtual conferences as a guest speaker and earn the accolades of your host and audience.
  •  Online Workshops & Seminars – You’ll learn how to create your very own zoom workshops and seminars and promote them online to attract participants.
  •  Passive Income - Earn good money selling your 10 Module Online Course and 10 chapter book 
"The Great Leaders of  the World Were men And Women of Quick Decision"
~ Napolean Hill ~
A Few More Of Our Clients In Action
So Here's The Bottom Line With Our M3 UNIVERSITY (Money Making Mastermind)
You get weekly live classes that will walk you step-by-step through the entire process of building a speaking business from scratch, without ever leaving your home.



Details: Every Monday 7:15 pm-9:15 pm EST
Dates For Access of Live Saturday Classes:

12/6/21 - 3/14/22

You get tons of practice in front of a live audience every time you come to class.
You get video footage of every talk you give as we record most zoom sessions. You'll get everything you need to succeed!
Registration For This Bootcamp Closes on NOV 20th at 8:00PM EST.
Special LIVE EVENT Discounts are set to Expire on that date.
 After that, the price will go back up to the already reduced rate of $10,000 which is the normal rate reflecting this program right now. To give you a sense of how rare and special this offer is, later in 2021, we are going to be  selling this EXACT bootcamp for $15,000 USD.
My mentor told me not to offer this program for under 25K because of all the extra Done-For-You Services that we're providing with this particular Bootcamp.
 This is a transformative program where you will  gain valuable skills in the areas of public speaking, marketing, and creating consistent conversions.
 These are skills that will serve you for the rest of your life.  Because This Weekend is our Mentorship Outreach Weekend...You'll get all these Bonuses For Acting Now...
(For The First 3 Fast Action Takers)
"Get Booked" Email Templates 
The first 3 people to register for this boot camp will receive my exact templates that helped me and my students get tons bookings at Virtual Summits, Conferences and Corporate Events. You’ll also receive my exact plug and play templates that show you exactly what you should say to the meeting planner from the first email you should send to the final phone conversation you should have where you discuss your rates.

Real Value: $3997
The Ultimate "Virtual Stages" List
You will receive an alphabetized list of almost every virtual conference, gala, trade show, or event where you can market yourself and earn a place to speak as a virtual guest speaker at the events their hosting.

Real Value: $1997
Strategy Session Script
Learn how to conduct masterful strategy sessions that empowers the customer and will help you close out more deals over the phone. This bonus also includes the most powerful cold calling scripts that I've personally used when I used to do cold calling. 
Real Value: $2997
Real Value of Bonuses: $9,997
As you can see, these bonuses have a total value of $9,997... but they're yours when you act now!
Most of our students became Published Authors inside our bootcamp, Now it's your turn to create your legacy!
Q And A Section
What are the exact details/dates/times/location of this program?
DEC. 6th, 2021 - MAR.. 14th, 2022.  I'm dedicating a lot of my weeknights to the community of speakers, leaders and entrepreneurs who want to thrive after this pandemic. I want to partner with you and serve you as a mentor and give you all the time that you need to succeed. The Live classes will be held every Monday from 7:15 pm-9:15 PM EST. Location: Live on Zoom
How is this program different from other programs?
That's simple. No other program will give you the same amount of practice opportunities, individualized coaching, and done for you marketing systems. We give you a true one stop approach - this is the last program you'll need. Other programs charge a lot more for a fraction of what you'll get from us. There is no other program quite like this one in the whole world!
Do I have to make every live class to get the full value from this program?
No - Absolutley not. Our lessons are recorded on video so you can always be in step with the class. We realize you're a busy mover and shaker - That's why we give you a full year to come and go as your schedule permits.
How can I invest in this program? 
To Register for the bootcamp, you can:

1) Pay with PayPal Credit. Just click on one of the sign up buttons and you'll find out in 2-3 minutes how much you were approved for. If approved, you will be able to sign up with 0 payments initially, and (0 interest for 6 months) 

2) Debit or Credit Card - Just click on one of the green sign up buttons and you'll see an option to check out with debit or credit card.
Is this a certification program? 
Yes. You will receive a certificate once you graduate from the program.
What kind of presentations will we give in the Live Classes?
You will give a keynote presentation, a speak to sell talk, impromptu, storytelling, etc. Plus you can practice presentations that you're currently working on at work or for your business.
Can I expect to make money with this bootcamp? 
While we don't make any financial guarantees. It is very common for our students to monetize their mastermind experience. Our top student has landed a $60,000 contract while inside the mastermind. While that's not common, we get reports of monetization from our students quite often. Our graduates have landed paid keynotes while inside our program. One of our graduates has done over 80 paid virtual presentations. We've also had several students use the this knowledge to speak at conferences of  100-200 people.
I want to get in the business of coaching, speaking, and consulting...but I'm not sure where to start, can you point me in the right direction? 
Yes, if you want to do this for a living, you should start with this program. We're aiming to give you everything you'll need to succeed in this business under one umbrella. This is not a cost, it's an investment if you look at how much time and money you'll save and potentially make back as an ROI.
I am not looking to get into the coaching and speaking business, will this bootcamp help me if I just want to improve my speaking skills?
Absolutely! You'll be giving presentations in front of a live audience, on camera. We've designed a unique introspective look for you to see how you truly come across when presenting. Your speaking skills will improve by leaps and bounds after you graduate this program.
I'm so excited but I have more questions. Where do I go?
No problem, Please reach out to me directly at or contact me via phone at 404-454-6550
The best decision you made in 2021!
It's not how you start, it's how you finish. Stop playing small! Playing small does not serve the people who you're called to serve. Step up and invest in yourself NOW. It's time to finish strong 2021 by starting our proven mastermind experience!
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